Does Medicare require a real brick-n-mortar office for your private psychotherapy practice address?

Does Medicare require you to have a physical office to see clients in your private psychotherapy practice? I’ve seen this question posted several times in forums since the pandemic began. I get asked this question often, so here’s the long and short of it. Short answer first: YES. CMS ( makes the rules and regulationsContinue reading “Does Medicare require a real brick-n-mortar office for your private psychotherapy practice address?”

Recommended Reading: Recovering the Self A Journal of Hope and Healing

Sometimes leaving your dream job is your best chance for recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) triggered by vicarious trauma (VT). Leaving the job that continues to trigger your symptoms can create a healthy opening for finding your way back to your sense of meaning, purpose, and an even truer self, a better version ofContinue reading “Recommended Reading: Recovering the Self A Journal of Hope and Healing”

Telehealth Video-Conferencing Platform Choices for Psychotherapists

As I spent time editing and updating the Telehealth chapter in the newest version of the guide, which by the way is now called 14 Concrete (but not so hard!) Steps to Private Practice, I realized there are so many more choices for telehealth video conferencing than there were just two years ago. No doubtContinue reading “Telehealth Video-Conferencing Platform Choices for Psychotherapists”

Choosing a HIPAA Compliant Email for Your Psychotherapy Practice

I was recently asked about setting up a private practice email with HIPAA compliance in mind. The first two things to remember: Your email is not technically HIPAA compliant unless you have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the email provider AND you use it properly. In other words, there are limits to what youContinue reading “Choosing a HIPAA Compliant Email for Your Psychotherapy Practice”

Should You Become a Network Provider? Plus Resource Review: Navigating the Insurance Maze

Deciding whether or not to get on insurance panels is one of the biggest decisions a private practice therapist has to make. In this brief article you’ll learn some of the benefits of becoming a network provider and find a resource that will help you understand the insurance maze and get CEUs too, if you so choose.