Private Psychotherapy Practice closed & eBook Published on Amazon!

(post edited 4/12/23)

I wish to extend my gratitude to everyone who has supported my consulting practice and blog these past few years. You were my inspiration for developing my consulting business.

Along the path of my consulting practice, I’ve met some incredibly amazing clinicians, some of whom I am honored to call friends. Thank you all for sharing your unique wisdom with me so that I could learn, and in turn, pay it forward!

My private practice and consulting businesses have yielded some of the most fulfilling work experiences in all of my years as a social worker. I loved my therapist chair from beginning to end. I continue to enjoy this mentor chair from which I type this moment.

As 2022 comes to a close, so goes my private practice business.

I’ve cut my consulting business back to offering brief consultations only.

Sometimes, life brings changes in waves of turbulence. The most recent wave in my life requires my full attention. In order to fly through it without getting too banged up in the roughness of it, earlier this year I made the difficult decision to close my practice and consulting businesses (reopened consulting in February).

eBook and paperback now on Amazon!

The private practice start-up guide inspired by clinicians asking for help starting their practice is now available exclusively on Amazon! The eBook version was FREE for everyone through Sunday, February 5th, 2023. It’ll continue to be FREE to borrow in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription program through April 30th, 2023.

This amazing resource (can’t believe I ate wrote the whole thing) is priced competitively as an eBook and paperback.

Publishing this book is about helping others achieve success.

Are you wondering how my book is being received? I was too, so I checked all day long for six days straight after publication (nope, not obsessed with stats).

As an e-Book, after achieving #1 Best Sellers Ranking in Private Practice Management and #1 in Psychology Reference on Day 2 of publication, it remained there for days on end! The following is from February 4th, 2023. My book achieved its own life force, but it still needs reviews to keep it top-of-the-page when clinicians are looking for this type of resource.

What’s Next?

For Me (but you are more important so don’t stop reading here!):

I write. I use creativity to keep my life in balance. I provide brief consulting services. I take care of my family. I have a new role in my life about which there are no words I can write publically at the moment.

Regarding the personal things I can write about you can find me over on my personal blog Healing through Writing & Creativity. That’s where my writing gig began in 2017.

For You:

Keep your head above water. Take deep breaths for those deep dives in private practice. Float when you need to.

Thank you for your good work providing services to those who need them! The world changes for the better with each step you take.

For Me and You:

Get your copy of my book for access to oodles of information and resources you didn’t know you needed for your private practice at your fingertips. Then, if you feel so inclined, bless my book with a review. Star Ratings and Reviews help the mysterious Amazon algorithms notice so that others can find it, too.

eBooks are eco-friendly. Paperbacks are a classic and solid investment for your private practice bookshelf.

Amazon Author Page

Wishing you all health, peace, and grand adventure in 2023.

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